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//On Stage/The Mikado

The Mikado
The Mikado

The Little Theatre, Donnington, Shropshire

May 2013

Not only was 'The Mikado' the most successful collaboration of Gilbert and Sullivan, but it was regarded as the cleverest comic opera in the English language.

It was acclaimed immediately by critics and public alike after its first performance at The Savoy, London on March 14 1885. The fashionable Japanese theme sparkled with English wit, memorable characters and delightful music.

Rehearsal Photographs, courtesy of Ian Martin: (Please click to enlarge)

Musical Numbers

The Production Team:

Director   Cynthia Shaw
Musical Director   Garry Bailey
Rehearsal Pianist   Nykkö Mikaël Grégoire
Lighting/Sound   Richard Foxcroft
Costumes   Cynthia Shaw & Janet Murray
Stage Manager   Sarah Taylor
Set Painting   Carol Robertson, Vikki Lee, Lynne James & Cynthia Shaw
Properties   Cynthia Shaw & Alan Shaw
Make-Up Estella Morris
Typesetting   Alan Shaw
Box Office   Denise Olenik & Jenny Oakley
Posters   Verity Matthews
Photography & Bar Manger   Ian Martin

The Performers:

Cast ListChorus

A selection of Musical numbers

To view clips of the Performance numbers by original artists (Courtesy of You Tube) please click the play buttons against each listing and return to the window above to view.

ACT 1  
If you want to know who we are
A Wandering Minstrel
Our Great Mikado, virtuous man
Young Man Despair
The Lord High Executioner
As Some day it may Happen
Come a Train of Little Ladies
Three Little maids
So Please You Sir We Must Regret
Were you not to Ko-Ko plighted
I Am So Proud
With aspect stern and gloomy stride
ACT 2  
Braid The Raven Hair
The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze
Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day
Here's a how-de-do (John Reed as Ko Ko, Valerie Masterson as Yum Yum & Phillip Potter as Nanki Poo)
Mi-ya-sa-ma, Mi-ya-sa-ma (1926)
A More Humane Mikado
The Crimanal Cried
See how the fates their gifts allot (1926)
The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring
Alone and yet Alive
On a Tree by a River
There is Beauty in the Bellow of the Blast
For He's gone and married Yum-Yum

Rehearsal/Backstage Photographs: (Please click to enlarge)