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//On Stage/A Victorian Entertainment

A Victorian Entertainment

Dedicated to our late friend Lesley Moore

The Little Theatre, Donnington, Shropshire

May 2012

 Victorian music and two One Act plays
The first was written by Brian J Burton who wrote several plays including Three Hisses for Villainy, a composition of three One Act plays - One Month To Pay Or The Sailor's Return; The Drunkard's Wife Or The Tables Turned; The Gypsy Curse Or The Flower Of The Tribe.

 Little Theatre presented One Month To Pay, the story of desperate cottage tenant who is struggling to pay the rent on her cottage while her Sailor husband is away at distant shores.

The second, The Day of Reckoning, written by Michael Kilgarriff, featured an all-female cast and charts the sudden change in fortune of a poor but honest widow and her daughter.

Rehearsal/Backstage Photographs:

 Performance Numbers

Act 1

1. Minuet & Badinerie   Nykkö Mikaël Grégoire & Kate Prentice
2. Sweet Genevieve   Michael Rawlings & Company
3. I Want to Sing in Opera   Carol Robertson
4 I Love You   Susan Rawlings
5 Grandmother's Chair   Stuart Lee
7 The Spider and the Fly   Michael Rawlings & Susan Rawlings


One  Month to Pay - Director - Carol Robertson


Alice Collins   Vikki Lee
Mary   Cynthia Shaw
Mrs Bentley   Gina Ryder
Joe   Bill Walton
Squire Meadows   Andy Reed
Tom   Stuart Lee

Act 2

1. Nocturne in C# Minor   Nykkö Mikaël Grégoire
2. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen   Bill Walton
3. Kind Sir, You Cannot Have a Heart   Vikki Lee
4 The Snow Storm   Cynthia Shaw
5 Oh Susanna   Andy Reed
6 The Holy City   Gina Ryder
7 If We're Weak Enough to Tarry   Michael Rawlings & Susan Rawlings


The Day of Reckoning - Director - Cynthia Shaw


Mrs Goodheart   Carol Robertson
Prudence Goodheart   Kay Bishop
Mrs Tubbs Carol Melhuish
Lady Audley   Cynthia Shaw reading in for Lesley Moore
Dr Matilda Probity   Zoe Hailey

The Production Team:

Producer   Cynthia Shaw
Rehearsal Pianist   Nykkö Mikaël Grégoire
Flautist   Kate Prentice
Set Stewart Lee, Alan Shaw  & Cast Members
Set Decor   Ladies of the Cast
Lighting/Sound   Richard Foxcroft
Costumes   The Directors
Stage Crew   Sarah Taylor
Box Office   Denise Olenik, Jenny Oakley & Jill Hine
Type setting   Alan Shaw
Bar Manager   Ian Martin
Photography   Ian Martin

The Performers:

Stewart Lee Kay Bishop Zoe Hailey
Sue Rawlings Mary Lee Michael Rawlings
Carol Melhuish Andy Reed Vikki Lee
Carol Robertson Kate Prentice Georgina Ryder
Bill Walton Cynthia Shaw Nykkö Mikaël Grégoire