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//On Stage/Alarms & Excursions

Alarms & Excursions

HADS At Horsehay, Shropshire

May 2003


Alarms and Excursions is, in fact, eight miniature plays. They differ in length (from several minutes to more than half an hour) and topic (from the idiocies of flight safety demonstrations to an affluent but nightmarish dinner party, interrupted by all manner of gadgets).

The Production Team:

Director - Brian Hughes
Set & Lighting Design - Edward Davies
Set Build - Alan Foster, Mervyn Joyner, Edward Davies
Lighting - Tony Curzon
Sound - Malcolm Brown, Jon Pardoe
Properties- Karen Brittle, Sally Riley
Prompts - Margaret Gregory, Margaret Stephan
Front Of House - Liz Davies, Margaret Gregory, Chris Brown, Susan White, David Phillips, Linda Povey, Kate Islet, Dorothy Bird

The Cast:

- Jon Pardoe
Melenie, Nikki - Jayne Parkyn
Laurance, Chris - Mike Candlin
Lynn - Baroness Armament - Chris Candlin - Margaret Stephan
Nicholas - Richard Harris
Nancy - Teresa-Marie Jones
John, Dietrich -
Neville Tomlinson
Jocasta - Karen Whitehead
Aptley, Spot, Mother - Linda Povey
Charmain - Bloss, Clifford, Much - Sue Cotterill - Andy Reed
Charr, Peter, Candle - Scott Randles
Voice Of Stewardess - Karen Brittle
Voice Of Speaker - Edward Davies