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Fur Coat & No Knickers

HADS at Horsehay, Shropshire

Feb 2010


Welcome to working-class Lancashire in the 1980's. Smokers are not yet an oppressed minority, Roman Catholics still eat fish on a Friday, the tyranny of Political Correctness has yet to be instituted, we're not being assailed by H1N1 at every sneeze, nor are we being terrorised. We've still got a sense of humour about ourselves. Welcome to the world of the 0llerenshawe family, as they prepare for a family wedding!

Rehearsal/Backstage Photographs:

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The Production Team:

Directors - Brian Hughes  Edward Davies
Set Design - Edward Davies
Set Construction - Alan Foster, Chris Owen, Neal Newbrook, Edward Davies
Decor - Edward Davies
Video Sequences - Brian Hughes
Properties - Karen Brittle, Sally Riley
Lighting - Tony Curzon
- Brian Hughes
- Ray Callister
Front Of House
- Society Members


Horsehay Village Hall
Mr Colin Wetherley-Mein
Lilleshall Cricket Club - Pub Furniture
Little Theatre Donnington - Costumes
Alan Foster - The Madonna

The Cast (in order of appearance):

Edith Ollerenshawe - Jane Parkyn
Kevin Ollerenshawe - Kane McCabe
Deirdre Ollerenshawe
- Jan Jackman
Harry Ollerenshawe -
Simon Phillips
Nip Ollerenshawe - Mike Candlin
Peter Ollerenshawe - Rory Kelly
Father Malloy -
David Parr
First barmaid - Karen Brittle
Hamish -
Andy Reed

Mark Greenhalgh
- Stephen Davies
Second barmaid- Chris Candlin
- Neal Newbrook
Man in "Catholic Club" -
Chris Owen

Bouncer - Neal Newbrook
"Evette" - Karen Brittle
Policeman - Chris Owen
Kirstene - the bridesmaid - Karen Brittle
Muriel Greenhalgh - Chris Candlin
Ronald Greenhalgh - Chris Owen
Waitress - Sally Riley