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Hobson's Choice

Belfrey Theatre, Shropshire

October 2010



Rehearsal/Backstage Photographs:


The Production Team:

Director - Annie Savage
Assistant Director - Rob Honeywell
Sound & Light FX - Charlie Fletcher/Matt
Wardrobe - Annie Savage/Fliss Gee
Set Design - Andrew Foster
Prompt - Jenny Crowson
Set Build - Andrew Foster, Marianne Foster, Steve Gethin, Cherida Gethin, Kate Ryan, Richard Harris, Jenny Crowson
- Bill Cotton
Front Of House Manager - Jack Cotton
Box Office - Jenny Crowson
Bar - Rob Honeywell
Programme - Tim Crowson
Cleaning Manager - Rob Fisher

Thanks to Blists Hill Victorian Museum for the loan of props

The Cast:

Alice Hobson
- Natalie Goldup
Maggie Hobson
- Sarah Newall-Lecrivain
Vicky Hobson -
Jill Archer
Fred Beenstock - Jack Cotton
Henry Horatio Hobson - Tim Crowson
Mrs Hepworth - Cath Fisher
Timothy Wadlow (Tubby) - John Binns
William Mossop
- Rob Honeywell
Jim Heeler - Andy Reed
Ada Figgins -
Milly Corbett
Albert Prosser -
Alec Gethin
Dr. MacFarlane
- Richard Harris

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