Andy Reed: IT Professional & Amateur Dramatics Enthusiast

//On Stage/Inspector Drake's Last Case

HADS At Horsehay, Shropshire

October 2004


Standby for the ultimate Agatha Christie spoof, as Inspector Drake, assisted by Sergeant Plod, interview a colourful confusion of characters. There's Guest the butler, Cook the gardener, Gardner the cook, Butler the guest. A contemporary Whodunit spoof by David Tristram.

The Production Team:

Director - Brian Hughes
Set & Lighting Design - Edward Davies
Set Build - Alan Foster, Mervyn Joyner, Malcolm Brown, Edward Davies, Eric Westwood
Lighting - Tony Curzon
Sound - Malcolm Brown
Make-Up - Chris Simmons
- Edward Davies
Painting -
Malcolm Brown, Chris Simmons, Jan Stephenson
- Lesley Jordan
Prompts - Margaret Gregory
Special Props - Alan Foster, Eric Westwood
Front Of House - Liz Davies, Chris Brown, Chris Candlin, Mike Candlin, Susan White, Mike White, Karen Brittle, Roy Williams, Kate Isles, Jan Westwood

The Cast:

Mrs Gargarin
- Margaret Stephan
Mr Gargarin (her son) - Kane McCabe
Sergeant Plod - Jon Pardoe
Inspector Drake - Richard Harris
Miss Duck - Amy Holmes
Mr Butler (The Guest) - Andy Reed
Mr Guest (The Butler) - Nichola Herraty
Mr Cook (The Gardener) - Eric Westwood
Mrs Gardener (The Cook) - Sue Cotterill
Mary Ship (The Vicar's Daughter) - Teresa Jones
Strecher Bearers - Karen Whitehead & Edward Davies