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//On Stage/Jack & The Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk

Belfrey Theatre, Shropshire

January 2003


A modern day twist on this classic children's fairy tale.

The Production Team:

Director - Brian Docherty
Youth Director - Lynne Shepherd
Stage Manager - Andrew Foster
Choreography -
Beth Williams, Brian Docherty, Clare Foster, Lynne Shepherd, Heather Foster
Set & Lighting Design - Andrew Foster
Set Build - Andrew Foster
Set Painting - Chris Simmons, Iain Wilson, Marianne Foster, Andrew Foster & Friends
Lighting - Lee Griffin
Sound - Louise Elson
Prompt - Lynne Shepherd
Make-Up - Chris Simmons
Props -
Matthew Richardson, Patrick Elson, Louise Elson
Crowd Control - Debbie Fear, Teresa Hopkirk
Front Of House - John Binns,
Lynne Shepherd, Brian Docherty, Jane & Friends
Costume -
Rowena Walker, Pat Giles, Brian Docherty, Jane & Friends
Programme - Andy Reed, Marianne Foster
Casting -
Ruth Edington, Iain Wilson, Brian Docherty, Lynne Shepherd
Publicity & Artwork - Iain Wilson

The Cast:

- Annie Savage
Fairies - Hannah Allen & Heather Foster
Desmond - Brian Hughes
Desmond's Minions - Sam Richardson & Stuart Mills (Smoo)


Costive - Andy Reed
- Hannah Giles
King Marmaduke -
Iain Wilson
Senna & Pod - Zak Hammond & Jo Stelmach
Jack - Cherida Jones
Polly - Clare Foster
Dame Trot - Brian Docherty
Cow - Stuart Fletcher & Luke Cartwright
Eric The Knight Errant - tba
Mrs Blackbladder - Beth Williams
Giant's Voice - Lee Griffin
Baby (Grown-Up) - Michael Beech Snr
Giant (In Person) - Michael Beech Snr & Lynne Shepherd