Andy Reed: IT Professional & Amateur Dramatics Enthusiast

//On Stage/Jesus Christ Superstar


April 1994


Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera in two acts with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice and is based on the last seven days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

The Production Team:

Direction/Choreography - Helen Bryant & Lynn Jones
Musical Director - Robert Wysome
Rehearsal Pianists - Robert Wysome & Ian Pickford
Show Co-ordinator - Andrew Murray
Stage Manager - Mark Law
Assistant Stage Manager - Mike Law
Stage Crew -
David Barke, John Brown, Phil Brown, Martin Jones, Ian Maxwell-Muller, Peter Cooper, James Elliott, Liz Gunn, Rob Watson, Norman Jones, Brian Jones, Derek Jones, Andrew Murray, Andrew Oliver & Collin Price
Lighting Design - Norman Jones
Lighting Engineer - Brian Eades
Sound Technician - Ray Newell

The Cast:

Jesus of Nazareth - David Barke
Judas Iscariot - Eric Pover
Mary Magdalene - Debbie Owen
Pontius Pilate - David Leaske
King Herod - Andrew Murray
Annas - Priest/Ciaphas - High Priest - Derek Jones & Ian Pickford
Apostles (from the left) -
Eric Pover, et al