Andy Reed: IT Professional & Amateur Dramatics Enthusiast

//On Stage/My Fair Lady - Belfrey

The Belfrey Theatre, Wellington, Shropshire

September 1998


Henry Higgins, a Professor of Phonetics, encounters Eliza Doolittle, a cockney flower girl, one cold March night at Covent Garden market. He declares to his friend Colonel Pickering that in three months he could transform Eliza into a duchess.

Rehearsal/Backstage Photographs:

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The Production Team:

Director - Fiona Hunter
Musical Director - Nicola Reeves
Choreography - Charlie Ammerlaan
Stage Manager - Julia Owen
Assistant Stage Managers - Charlie Ammerlaan, Rob Davies, Paul Hughes
                                         Felicity Jones & Caroline Owen
Set Design - Rob Davies, Neil Hunter & Fiona Hunter
Scenic Artist - Chris Simmons
Lighting Design/Operation - David Bennion-Pedley
Sound - Rob Davies
Costume - Caroline Owen, Margaret Perry, Anne Savage & Rowena Walker
Dresser to Miss McCaffrey - Charlotte Ammerlaan
Make-Up - Chris Simmons

The Cast:

Eliza Doolittle/Henry Higgins
- Sarah McCaffrey & Brian Docherty
Colonol Pickering - Andy Reed
Alfred P. Doolittle - Matthew Allen
Freddy Eynsford-Hill
- Phil Evans
Zoltan Karpathy,
George, the Bartender, Angry Man - Gavin Paterson
Mrs Pearce - Helen Ammerlaan
Mrs Eynsford-Hill - Lynne Shepherd
Mrs Higgins - Dilys Ashton
A Bystander - Karl Smith
A Hoxton Man/Chauffeur - Jason Smith
A Selsey Man/1st Costermonger/Harry - Dominic Ammerlaan
2nd Costermonger/Jamie/Servant - Richard Tonks
2nd Bystander/Footman - Oliver Corser
Cockney - Fleur Clayton
3rd Bystander/Angry Woman - Julie Nickless
Mrs Hopkins/Servant - Alison Murphy
Butler - Stuart Haseley
Lord Boxington - Jim Craib

Lady Boxington/Servant - Liz Corser
Queen of Transylvania - Anne Savage
Servant/Flower Girl - Lisa Atkins