Andy Reed: IT Professional & Amateur Dramatics Enthusiast

//On Stage/Oliver!

The Belfrey Theatre, Wellington, Shropshire

September 2002


Musical adaptation of the famous Charles Dickins novel about an orphan who runs away from an orphanage to London and hooks up with a group of boys trained to be pickpockets by an elderly mentor.

The Production Team:

Director - Iain Wilson
Director's Advisor - Trevor Hill
Stage Manager - Andrew Foster
Stage Assistants - David Woods, David Parry, Patrik Elson
Set & Lighting Design - Andrew Foster
Set Build - Andrew Foster
Set Painting - Chris Simmons, Iain Wilson, Marianne Foster
Lighting - Vicki West
Sound - Louise Elson
Prompt - Lynne Shepherd
Make-Up - Chris Simmons
Props Management - Iain Wilson, Patrik Elson
Props Production - Iain Wilson, Chris Simmons
Crowd Control - Debbie Fear, Teresa Hopkirk
Front Of House - John Binns
Costume -
Marianne Foster, Rowena Walker, Judi Fletcher, Pat Giles, Margaret Leigh, Hazel Binns, Mrs MacLean
Programme - Andy Reed, Marianne Foster
Casting -
Ruth Edington, Iain Wilson, Brian Docherty, Lynne Shepherd
Publicity & Artwork - Iain Wilson
Choreography - Iain Wilson, Clare Foster, Andy Reed, Brian Docherty & Lynne Shepherd

The Cast:

Oliver Twist - Sam Richardson & Charlie Wilson
Mr Bumble & Widow Corney - Brian Docherty & Marianne Foster
Mr Sowerberry - Iain Wilson
Mrs Sowerberry - Rowena Walker
Charlotte - Heather Foster
Noah - Karl Morris
The Artful Dodger -
Gareth Cutter
Fagin - Andy Reed
Charley Bates - Matthew Richardson
Nancy - Katherine McDouall
Bet - Sonia Cason
Bill Sykes - Richard Harris
Mr Brownlow - Brian Hughes
Dr Grimwig - John Knight
Mrs Bedwin - Lynne Shepherd