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//On Stage/An Evening of One Act Plays



An Evening of One Act Plays

HADS at Horsehay, Shropshire

July 2009


A 'Summer Season' special of three one-act plays by well-known writers, Noel Coward and Alan Ayckbourn plus the first play by HADS member Chris Owen.

Polar Heat Written by Chris Owen, Directed by Chris Owen

A dark, brooding melodrama set in a local radio station. Besides briefly delving into the murky politics of regional broadcasting, we are thrust into the world of media journalism where a famous explorer's life is put under the microscope live on air, exposing him as a very fragile human being. His relentless interviewer also has to come to terms with her own mid-life crisis during the course of a radio programme.

Red Peppers Written by Noel Coward, Directed by Eric Westwood

George and Lily Pepper are a music-hall act who have been touring the provinces for years, still using the bewhiskered routine that George's parents used before him and slipping further and further down the bill. After a disastrous performance Lily tells George - certainly not for the first time - just what's wrong with the act. Throw in a mature West-End actress and watch the fun develop.

Gosforth's Fete Written by Alan Ayckbourn, Directed by Sheila Hood

Publican Gosforth is running the village fete. Due to an unfortunate mistake, bad personal news from Milly is publicised over the P.A. system. Milly's fiancé, Stewart becomes extremely aggravated and drowns his sorrows with alcohol. Gosforth's fete starts like all village fetes, but develops into chaos and, as things continue to go wrong, the play reaches a climax of complete disaster!

Rehearsal/Backstage Photographs (Courtesy of Mike White) :

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The Production Team:

Directors - Chris Owen (Polar Heat), Eric Westwood (Red Peppers)
                 Sheila Hood (Gosforth's Fete)
Set Design - Edward Davies, Alan Foster
Lighting - Tony Curzon
Sound & Effects
- Brian Hughes
- Edward Davies, Richard Harris
- Matthew Allen, Jan Westwood
Front Of House
- Society Members

The Cast:

Polar Heat

Sir Rupert - Simon Phillips
- Teresa Marie-Jones
- Kate Ryan
Edward -
Richard Harris

Red Peppers

George & Lilly Pepper - Mike & Chris Candlin
Bert Bentley - Andy Reed
Mr Edwards -
Charlie Miller

Mable Grace - Carol Edwards
Alf -
Kane McCabe

Gosforth's Fete

- David Parr
- Jan Jackman
- Kane McCabe
Vicar -
Mike White
Mrs Pearce - Carol Edwards