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//On Stage/Jack The Ripper - The Musical


Jack The Ripper - The Musical

The Little Theatre, Donnington, Shropshire

November 2005

Book and Lyrics by Ron Pember and Denis de Marne
Music by Ron Pember

Song List


Set partly in a music hall and partly in the surrounding East End London streets and buildings, the play is a musical reconstruction of incidents relating to the East End murders which took place between August 31st and November 9th, 1888. A solution of Jack the Ripper's identity is hinted at, but the play is an atmospheric commentary rather than an historical re-enactment, shifting between reality and artificiality, with characters representing "real" people as well as members of the music hall audience and players.

Rehearsal/Backstage Photographs:

The Little Theatre Company:

Cynthia Shaw, Vikki Lee, Simon Phillips, Georgina Ryder, Shirley Davis, Lesley Moore, Michaeljohn Butcher, Delia Brown, Stephen Davies, Barbara Devey, Ian Martin, Tony Jones, Andy Reed, Carol Robertson, John Belcher, Bill Walton, Emma Pritchard, Adrian Pritchard, Sally Warren, Helen Elkington, Paul Clayton, Laura Tellwright, Christopher Rawlings, Jennifer Phillips, Amy Broughton, Catherine Rawlings, Majorie Smart, Dilys Williams, Sylvia Rowles, Delia Brown, Marion Lowe, Christine Downes, Mary Simpson, Rex Simpson

The Production Team:

Directors - Cynthia Shaw & Brian Hughes
Producer & Costumes - Cynthia Shaw
Rehearsal Pianists - Ann Jones, Robert Poole
Stage Manager & Scenic Artist - Roy Bird
Set Construction - Stewart Lee, Brian Hughes, Roy Bird, Tony Jones
Musical Assistant - Vikki Lee
Lighting & Sound
- John Sutton, Richard Foxcroft
Large Properties - Mr & Mrs Alan Shaw
Small Properties - Judy Martin
Prompt - Gina Ryder
Make-Up Assistants - Ann Hodgetts, Linda Braddock
Backstage Refreshments - Maureen Bird
Box Office -
Denise Olenik, Jenny Oakey
Bar Manager - Pat Freeman

Further Acknowledgements

Consultant Magician
- John Darby
Photography - Ian Martin
Type Setting - Alan Shaw
Marie's Costumes - Patricia Giles

The Cast:

Marie Kerry/Musical Soubrette - Hannah Giles
Montague Druitt (Jack The Ripper) - Andy Reed
Lizzie Stride/Queen Victoria
- Cynthia Shaw
Annie Chapman/Irish Woman
- Carol Robertson
Polly Anne Nicholls/Old Woman - Emily Middleton
- Simon Phillips
Daniel Mendoza - Stewart Lee
Liza Pearl/Dock Worker - Sally Warren
Martha Tabram/Dock Worker - Emma Pritchard
Catherine Eddowes/Dock Worker - Jan Jackman
Frances Coles/Dock Worker - Amanda Robertson
Ada Wilson/Dock Worker - Dorothy Lindsay
Rose Mylett/Dock Worker- Estella Morris
Dinky Nine-Eights - Tony Jones
Bluenose Stack - Ian Martin
Slop Wallace - John Belcher
Lord Overcoat/Worker - Bill Walton
Police Sergeant Cole/Worker - Peter Holdway
Pianoforte Accompanist - Ann Jones
Paperboy - Georgia Jackman