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When We Are Married

When We are Married

HADS at Horsehay, Shropshire

November 2001


When We Are Married is a classic farce set in Yorkshire at the turn of the 20th century. When three long-married couples are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversaries, they discover that due to a bureaucratic quirk they have never actually been married.

The Production Team:

Director - Edward Davies

The Cast:

Alderman Joe Helliwell - Brian Hughes
Maria Helliwell - Jane Parkyn
Councillor Albert Parker - Paul Sykes
Annie Parker, Clara Soppitt & Rev Clement Mercer - Karen Brittle, Karen Whitehead & Roy Williams
Herbert Soppitt - Andy Reed
Gerald Forbes & Nancy Holmes
- Peter Simon & Kim Weaver
Ruby Birtle - Ruth Hughes
Mrs Northrop - Margaret Stephan
Fred Dyson - Richard Harris
Henry Ormonroyd - John Tuck
Lottie Grady - Zoe Hailey